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Broader Horizons


As you may have read elsewhere on my site, my Ponyplay activity is based on the premise that I am a 'human' being used as a 'pony'. Until the middle of 2004 this has always been my only connection with the world of BDSM. Whow!! How things have changed.

I attended the inaugural meeting of The FemDom Society as a slave, and was used as a pony for only one event (driven around a slalom course blindfold by Mistress Heather) which we won - and I was rewarded by being put in the stocks and pelted with soggy tomatoes! The rest of the time I used as a dog in one competition, and chased by the Ladies armed with hens eggs with my feet tethered 6 inches apart in another, being taken back to the adjudicator each time I was hit for 6 strokes of the crop on my backside. We then repaired to the dungeon for further torments. I had the strangest sensations of satisfaction throughout hearing the Ladies giggling with genuine joy while subjecting us to these indignities! I cannot understand it, but it was so much fun that I'm not really interested in doing so!! :-)

In August I was 'taken' to The Other World Kingdom in Czechoslovakia by Mistress Jessica and Mistress Heather, and we were accompanied by Lady Sarah and her slave Mark - it was a hoot from start to finish! I'll finish by saying that we have two visits planned for next year, and Lady Sarah has given Her permission for me to put Her report of our trip on my site.

Ponyplay is still an important part of my BDSM life, but the activities that I have been introduced to this year have added more to it than words can tell!!


Our 2004 OWK Trip

Lady Sarah's report of our visit.

In August I visited the OWK Week-long Vacation with Mistress Jessica, Mistress Heather and two slaves (sparks and mark - I couldn't write it the other way round in case you thought they were named after a well-known high street store!) Although mark and I had visited OWK for the past 3 years it was Mistresses Jessica and Heather and slave sparks' first visit and it was nice to be able to introduce them to the joys of a total Femdom world. We drove from Prague Airport and on arrival I sent my slave to ring the bell outside the imposing gatehouse to the Kingdom, a small wooden window opened and a state slave peered out, checked our details and let us in. As the gates closed behind us our slaves became visibly nervous - there was no going back!

At the reception they stamped my OWK Passport and changed my money into Doms, the OWK currency. I rang the bell outside the shop to summon a rickshaw to take us to our accommodation in the Longhouse. A state slave pulling a traditional rickshaw that would seat two soon appeared, our slaves, laden down with our luggage, ran behind carefully avoiding the stepping stone path, a privilege only allowed for ladies. My room was comfortable and well equipped for a Lady's needs with an umbrella stand of various canes and crops for correction of male creatures and a small, uncomfortable cage for parking him in and rope in case more restraint was needed.

After freshening up we met in the Pub "U Chomouta" for dinner where we met up with other Ladies and their slaves, some of whom were friends from my previous visits - it was great to be able to catch up with them all. Sparks, it being his first visit, had not realized that the low uncomfortable stools were for male creatures and sitting on a proper chair was not allowed. I sent my slave to fetch a tray of drinks from the German barman, a punishment in itself as he would only communicate in German, he had to wait while all the Ladies at the bar were served first (at the OWK a Lady will always take precedence over a man regardless of how long he had been waiting - if only it were true at our local pub) He returned some time later with the drinks, a delay for which he was to be punished later.

We had used the time to instruct slave sparks on the rules of the OWK by which all male creatures were to abide:

Rule 1. He is inferior to all Ladies

Rule 2. He will wear a collar at all times

Rule 3, He will not look into the eyes of a lady

Rule 4. All soft furnishing and facilities are for the use of Ladies only

Rule 5 He will not speak, eat or drink without permission

Rule 6. He is not allowed to sexually gratify himself

Rule 7. All orders given by Ladies will be carried out without hesitation and joyfully

After dinner Mistress Jessica suggested a game of pool. The pool table is in the cozy lounge in the Longhouse with its open fire and comfortable leather sofas (for Ladies use only of course!), the walls decorated with FemDom art. To one side of the room is a set of stocks for use as a public pillory and opposite them a boot cleaning chair for the Ladies' convenience with various cages and restraint equipment conveniently located around the room.

We decided that as sparks had failed to learn the rules and mark was slow to fetch our drinks they would receive an appropriate number of strokes of the cane or face slaps for every missed shot. For example missing potting the striped ball number 15 would result in 15 strokes and so on. Of course one game was not enough so Mistress Jessica and Mistress Heather played for the best out of three and then five - I don't play pool but thoroughly enjoyed watching and helping with the punishments. It was a good start to the stay - it was going to be a great holiday!

Next morning I instructed mark to present himself to Madame Loreen in the Riding Hall at 9.00am sharp to be exercised - after he had brought me breakfast in bed, of course. Slave sparks had also been ordered to attend the morning exercises (any Mistress can send her slave to be exercised with the state slaves). After being ordered to run around the Sports Park the slaves are made to do humiliating exercises by the OWK guards, incorporating animal impersonations and punishments. Sparks had especial fun with his frog hops and accompanying vocals. At the end of each exercise session the slaves are to kiss the boots of the Guardess leading the session and thank her for her instruction.

We had arranged to meet up after breakfast at the Riding Hall to try out the various carts and carriages which are available for Ladies to use. The Riding Hall is a large building with carts neatly parked at one end and indoor training area, with stables at the other end and a door leading out onto the Sports Park with its row of stands for Ladies to sit and watch the races and deceptively long race track around the gardens and lake. We started with a gentle trot around the Sports Park with the sulkies then put our ponyboys/slaves through their paces, making them gallop around, whips cracking behind until both ponies were fit to collapse. Then we took one of the larger ceremonial carriages out for a spin. Although designed for four ponyboys to pull, with a little encouragement our ponies managed to get it moving. The four-wheel carriage seated three, Mistress Jessica and myself in the back while Mistress Heather sat up front as the driver. It was of a traditional design with comfortable leather upholstery - certainly the way to travel in style. Not having had enough we tried a Sedan chair. This was great fun, albeit a bit strange as it swayed from side to side.

The slaves were relieved that for the afternoon we had decided they would accompany us on a site-seeing tour of the OWK. Although I had been on the tour before it was worth repeating as its a rare opportunity to see inside the Queen's Palace. The tour starts at the side/servants door to the Palace. As you enter to the left is a trap door to a set of stone steps that descend to the cells, damp and cold with an ante-room containing a rack and leading onto a row of small cells. Its a dark and terrifying place for any slave. My slave had experienced a brief imprisonment there before his appearance before the Judge, Her Excellency Sublime Lady Mona at the 2002 celebrations and it was an experience he did not want to repeat. This being the case I felt it might be a way of keeping him in his place so I informed him that he would be spending the night down there giving a whole afternoon and evening of anticipation to make the experience that little bit more fun - well for me that is! Next Madame Loreen, our guide for the tour, took us back upstairs and along the hallway pointing out on the way a purpose built boot cleaning box. She kicked the side and a slave's head appeared through a small hole in the side, not daring to look up he started licking clean the Guardess' boot.

Up a small flight of stairs to a reception room by the front door there's a lavish dining room for Ladies to one end and a central door leading into the Throne Room, a large room with a stage at one end, where slaves are forced to perform or take part in competitions, a line of plush velvet seats run from one end to the other for the Ladies, with the Queen's throne the other end. Adorning the walls around the entire hall are a row of plaques decorated with coats of arms, each belonging to a Sublime Lady Citizen of the OWK.

Next we proceeded to a small flight of stairs leading up to the Torture Tower. We ascended onto the first floor which was a square room containing the Queen's private collection of antique whips, each wall covered from waist high up to the ceiling with various rods and implements of torture. We went up some more steps to the second floor which formed the Queen's library, each wall shelved with books and guides on every aspect of BDSM and FemDom literature. Then finally we reached the top, the Tower Torture Room with windows on all four sides overlooking the surrounding countryside - no need to draw the curtains at this height, you can't be overlooked. The room had a bondage chair, whipping bench, spanking horse, cage and winch plus a throne for Mistress to recline upon. The walls were adorned with various implements of torture including a rather exquisite set of branding irons. On a previous occasion I had hired the room for a private session, a most memorable experience for both of us. Downstairs again and further rooms, a Ladies pampering room fully equipped with massage bench and Jacuzzi bath, a schoolroom for slaves and an induction room which all state slaves must pass through before beginning their stay (they lose their clothes, are weighed, numbered, given state uniforms and a lecture on the rules and behaviour expected of them while staying and, finally, a welcoming caning)

That evening we had decided to visit the Night Club Wanda, a purpose build BDSM club with bar, comfortable seats for the Ladies, stools for the male creatures and a superb collection of play equipment including a wheel. To take my slave's mind off his impending night in the cells I had decided to demonstrate my single tail technique to Mistress Heather who, although quite new to the implement, has taken to it with relish.

The time had come for both sparks and mark to be dragged away to the cells. I selected a small cell for mark so preventing him stretching out, then to add to his torment, I made him strip naked and attached an iron collar to his neck by which I chained him to the wall, again restricting movement. Being kind, I don't know why, I allowed him one blanket, again not quite big enough to cover both the cold concrete floor and his upper body, he would have to choose which was colder. Then leaving the creatures to their fate we turned the lights off, pitching the underground cells into total blackness and retired to our rooms for a good night's sleep.

Waking at the crack of dawn Mistress Heather and I decided to take pity on the creatures and dragged them out so we could enjoy an early morning sulky ride, a few strenuous laps to warm up the slaves, before throwing them back in the cells for a while longer.

The now very obedient slaves were to escort us shopping in the morning, a test of mark's limits - but then again nothing is too much trouble for him after his little reminder of his place! The OWK shop, or should I say emporium for all things Femdom, has everything you might wish to purchase including a wonderful selection of leather and rubber clothing all just waiting to be tried on. There's also a wonderful selection of toys itching to be used. After commenting on and giving me encouraging advice on various outfits I rewarded my slave by using his butt as a tester for a new quirt.

After a good morning's shopping I enjoyed a well earned lunch with a beer or two. While letting our lunches go down we thought it might be good for the slaves to work theirs off. Outside the Sports Hall is an electricity generator, slaves are chained to wooden spokes which emanate from a revolving spindle in the centre which powers the generator housed below. As the slaves walk around it turns the generator hence producing a current which powers a nearby light. With the use of a whip we encouraged them to jog at a reasonable pace, conveniently there is a shaded seat nearby from which we could observe and make sure they didn't slack. After an hour or so the slaves had built up a good sweat and were rewarded by a good hosing down from the stand pipe.

Later on that afternoon I had booked the Elizabeth Bathory Chambers for a private hire, a chance for us to have a private, more intimate play. The Chambers have two rooms, one with a wooden rack, cross and suspension equipment, leather sofas and a roaring fire and the other was a very different traditional red and black dungeon with bench, cross, bondage chair and a good collection of CBT equipment - parachutes, weights, pegs, candles etc. Mistress Jessica and Mistress Heather took sparks into one room and I took mark into the other - once we had exhausted all the equipment in our chosen dungeon we swapped over.

That evening was the slave auction in the Night Club Wanda and we didn't want to be late. The slaves for sale were exhibited from 8.00pm for the auction at 10.00pm. We had teased the male creatures about entering them but had decided not to. The six slaves to be sold had been lined up shackled, naked and numbered for us to examine, which of course we did - so many male physiques to choose from!

For the auction a podium was placed in the centre of the club and all the Ladies sat waiting expectantly as the slaves were brought in one by one to be sold. Each lot was introduced by the auctioneer, a state slave from Holland, who expounded the virtues of the creature. The bidding was to start at 5 Doms, not a taker in the house, then 4, 3 and 2 then an American Lady put a bit in at 1 Dom and the auction had started. Mistress Jessica, not to be out done bid 2 then 3 from the American, until it got up to a bid of 10 Doms from Mistress Jessica and the slave was hers. It was a real auction and the slave was her property for the duration, agreed in advance, in this case 6 hrs.

An early morning followed as we all played into the night, alas next day we were returning - work commitments! However I have already booked for next year - can't wait - anyone who wants to join me is very welcome. I have described the visit and the way I play with my slave, I must stress that you don't need to be in serious head space and can be more laid back if you like - one year all the slaves decided to escape to the pub while the Ladies were taking a ceremonial dinner only to return just in time not to be found out! The experience is fun and you can be as severe or not as is your wish, just respect other players and their head space, I thoroughly recommend a visit as it is a unique experience.

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